About Us

Friends Community Center is the Los Angeles community site for Friends Research Institute, Inc. Friends Community Center, which is directed by Dr. Cathy Reback, provides services for and conducts research with substance-using gay and bisexual men, other men who have sex with men, and high-risk transgender women. The site is located on the border of Hollywood and West Hollywood with easy access to public transportation.

The overall objective of the prevention programs is to reduce the risk that can result from drug use by preventing HIV infection and managing the physical, psychological, and psychosocial manifestations of drug use without the requirement of absolute abstinence or recovery. The prevention programs are designed to increase social support and teach survival skills while participants gradually change behaviors. Success is evaluated by any change in behavior that reduces physical, psychological, or psychosocial negative drug consequences to participants, their loved ones, and/or their community. The objective of the treatment programs is to reduce or eliminate substance use and high-risk sexual behaviors. The treatment programs are designed to provide outpatient methamphetamine abuse treatment, which focus on both methamphetamine use and high-risk sexual behaviors, in a supportive, non-judgmental, and culturally appropriate environment.