Healthy Divas:
Improving Engagement in HIV Care for High-risk Transgender Women

 What We Do:  Healthy Divas is a randomized control study that compares the Health Divas intervention with a control condition. The Healthy Divas intervention is a combination of 6 individual sessions, completed within 3 months, with a peer counselor and a peer-led group workshop with other HIV-positive trans women, a HIV primary care provider, and a trans woman health care provider. Eligible and interested participants are randomized into one of two groups: Group 1: The Healthy Divas intervention plus assessments; or, Group 2: assessments only. Participation also includes an initial assessment, brief monthly updates, and 4 follow-up assessments all at the study site in Hollywood.

Enrollment:  To open in Fall 2016
Study participants are trans women. Potential participants must call to screen for eligibility before they can begin participating in the study.

Hours: Coming soon

Contact: 323-463-1601

Funding Source: This project is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and sponsored by Friends Research Institute, Inc., and University of California, San Francisco.